Who We Are

Our Mission

The European Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations in Mobility is a not-for-profit standards setting association open to organizations engaged in mobilities and stakeholders interested in developing and extending quality standards for mobilities. It has been established to define and promote responsible organizational, logistical and evaluation practices in the planning, execution and follow-up of European mobilities in view of allowing mobile Europeans to benefit from international and intercultural exchanges, experiences, training and learning. The Association’s Code of Practices, to which all members commit to, addresses various quality and responsibility issues in mobilities, including accuracy and comprehensiveness of information, relevance of activities, effectiveness of organization, adequacy of services, staffing and professionalism, value for money and participants’ satisfaction.

The Association is committed to work with individual stakeholders and multi-stakeholder initiatives on responsible mobilities. Full membership in the Association can also be used as a tool for quality assurance.


  • To provide common guidance and standards of mobility implementation for association members in view of advancing high-quality and responsible practices in the organization of European education and working mobilities
  • To create expectations for the implementation on the part of members of principles and procedures geared toward improving the mobility experience and avoiding quality compromises with mobility issues within a member’s control
  • To advance improvements in the field of European mobility
  • To seek and promote, on European level, the participation in the association
  • To raise public and political awareness on the importance of students’ mobility in Europe
  • To do all that is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives
  • To establish a permanent observatory on the quality of European mobility


  • Creating opportunities for exchange of professional experience between the member organizations through the organization of trainings, seminars, public events, conferences, meetings and workshops
  • Transferring knowledge and information to interested stakeholders on good practices for the organisation of mobilities
  • Promoting cooperation among public and private institutions, consortia, and cooperative societies that pursue similar aims
  • Providing access to database of current mobility projects implemented in Europe, successfully accomplished mobility projects and concept notes for future projects
  • Representing the association members in front of state institutions, international organizations, companies and other private organizations
  • Providing references to its members which to be used in front of clients or other institutions
  • Promoting the European experience in mobility project among all EU-member states
  • Establishing contacts, cooperation and an exchange of experience with other organizations in the European Union and beyond its borders
  • Conducting research, information and publishing activity
  • Providing educational opportunities which develop competence of its members in their fields of interest
  • Collecting funds to statutory purposes of the association